“Dan is one of the greatest jujitsu tacticians I've had the opportunity to roll with. He has the ability to break down every little detail. Dan lets you understand why you do something instead of just how to do it. Since he comes from a wrestling background he has a great respect and a vast knowledge of more than just one dynamic of the grappling game. I believe that is what makes him one of the best grapplers in the Midwest.”


“I started training Brazilian jiu jitsu three years ago at the age of 41 and coach Dan Leckel is significantly helping my game. His practices are thoughtfully organized in order to meet the needs of students with a wide range of experience. Each class is met with professionalism and he teaches with humility and grace.

Having been a wrestler, Dan is very confident and comfortable at teaching how to execute and defend takedowns. He knows every fight--for sport or self defense--begins on your feet. Couple his wrestling background with his extensive training in BJJ and you will find a highly effective coach. As a result, his classes are well balanced so I learn sound techniques that can be applied to sport jiu jitsu, MMA, and self defense. Whatever the focus is, he communicates complex techniques in a way that makes it easy to learn.

What I appreciate most is the individualized instruction that he offers...Dan knows how to keep me focused on improvement and learning the gentle art. Whether you want to learn BJJ for self defense, sport, fitness or fun, Dan will help you reach your goals.”


“I just recently started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu about 6 months ago. I was curious about the sport from a self defense aspect initially, yet, since taking Dan's class my interest and admiration for the sport has expanded tremendously! It is clear that Dan puts a great amount of thought and effort into what he teaches us in class. We learn a variety of skills for all belt levels and are encouraged to try new things and figure out what works for us on an individual level. Dan is an excellent teacher and has worked with me personally to develop my BJJ game specialized do my abilities. For example, he has instructed me to start using Rubber Guard because I am a yoga instructor and have great flexibility. This is just one example of how Dan has gone the extra mile to improve his students skills.

Overall, I truly enjoy Dans class because he gives us many different moves to combat many different real life situations, whether it's in a BJJ competition, in an MMA fight, or even in a self defense situation. All of these situations I find very useful as I would like to compete in BJJ someday, I am an MMA fighter, and I am a female that feels it is extremely important to know some form of self defense. Dan makes class exciting and fun with the different techniques and skills he teaches, always keeping things fresh. Dan is kind and caring towards and his students and I am very honored to have learned a great majority of my skills and techniques in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from him!”


“About two years ago I began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu recreationally. I have had the opportunity to train in a few different facilities, but have now found a more permanent place to train. Right away from day one, Coach Dan Leckel made me feel at home in his class. No matter what skill level you are at, he will make sure you get something out of every class. Whether you are refining basic techniques, practicing a more complex sequence of submissions, or learning how to apply BJJ to a self-defense situation, Dan always encourages his students to advance their skills.

Regardless if the class size is large or small, Dan makes sure to still give all of his students the individual attention and guidance they need. I have always felt comfortable asking him questions throughout the class if I am having trouble with a technique. Dan will find a different way to break down the instructions and give me the feedback I need to be successful. Additionally, he will frequently stay after class to answer questions about what was covered in the lesson or other techniques students want to know more about.

You can easily see that Coach Dan Leckel truly loves what he does and wants to share his passion with others. He is constantly looking for ways to better himself as a martial artist and as a teacher. I have already learned so much from Dan and look forward to seeing how my BJJ game will grow and improve under his instruction.”


“I have been training with Dan Leckel for about 2 years now. When I started training I knew nothing about Brazilian jiu jitsu, but over the years I have come to love the sport and the practice. Dan teaches in a way that is both practical and acknowledges that each person is different, has a different body structure, and has different areas of strength and weakness. He's able to take all this into account to create a training program that fits the individual.

On a personal level, Dan is also able to put ego aside when it comes to jiu jitsu. This isn't something many BJJ instructors or practitioners are able to do. I think this is an excellent quality in a coach and a trainer because nothing is more detrimental to a BJJ practitioner at any level of expertise than an out of control ego.

Dan helped me get ready for my first NAGA tournament and now, at Imperial Training Center, I expect to train for my second tournament. With Dan Leckel coaching, Imperial will be the place to train in south east Minnesota!”